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20 diciembre 2017

Collaboration in Cities: From Sharing to ‘Sharing Economy’

The World Economic Forum’s Future of Urban Development and Services Initiative has released its new whitepaper on Collaboration in Cities: From Sharing to ‘S...

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14 noviembre 2017

ASEAN 4.0: What does the Fourth Industrial Revolution mean for regional economic integration?

The report, ASEAN 4.0: What Does the Fourth Industrial Revolution Mean for Regional Economic Integration?, analyses how emerging technologies will reshape So...

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10 noviembre 2017

Data Driven Cities: 20 Stories of Innovation

The need for cities to fully harness the potential of data constantly flowing through them has never been more urgent. Data Driven Cities: 20 Stories of Inno...

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7 noviembre 2017

Impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on Supply Chains

Disruptive technologies are transforming all end-to-end steps in production and business models in most sectors of the economy. The products that consumers d...

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2 noviembre 2017

Paperless Trading: How Does It Impact the Trade System?

Paperless trade refers to the digitization of information flows required to support goods and services crossing borders. Transforming what was traditionally ...

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19 octubre 2017

How Global Can Power Local: Harnessing International Investment to Develop Sustainable Local Capital Markets

This White Paper expounds on the work done in the last phase of the Forum project: Accelerating Capital Markets Development in Emerging Economies.

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17 octubre 2017

Making Deals in Cyberspace: What’s the Problem?

This White Paper aims to build the knowledge of current e-transaction and e-signature rules. It evaluates how these apply in national and international comme...

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17 octubre 2017

The Role of Law and Regulation in International Trade Finance: the Case of Correspondent Banking

This white paper will present a view of legal and regulatory structures in the context of trade financing, using the recent example of correspondent banking ...

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12 octubre 2017

Mitigating Risks in the Innovation Economy

How Emerging Technologies Are Changing the Risk Landscape

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6 octubre 2017

Incredible India 2.0 - India’s $20 Billion Tourism Opportunity

Following the launch of the 2017 edition of the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report, where India was ranked one of the most improved nations; leaders f...

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13 septiembre 2017

Digital Policy Playbook 2017: Approaches to National Digital Governance

The “Digital Policy Playbook 2017” is designed to help leaders understand the complex dynamics and difficult decisions they will face in managing their trans...

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27 julio 2017

Accelerating Workforce Reskilling for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

An Agenda for Leaders to Shape the Future of Education, Gender and Work

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