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13 enero 2023

The Chairperson’s Guide to Valuing Nature

In collaboration with Deloitte

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12 enero 2023

Winning in Green Markets: Scaling Products for a Net Zero World

To meet the goals of the Paris agreement, a major shift to non-fossil technologies is necessary. As demand for green materials is expected to surpass supply,...

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8 noviembre 2022

Critical Business Actions for Climate Change Adaptation

As companies are becoming acutely aware of climate impacts on their business they need a framework for responsible action. This paper offers a clear framewor...

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22 septiembre 2022

The Chairperson’s Guide to a Just Transition

In collaboration with Deloitte

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8 febrero 2022

Principles for Reporting Emissions from Urban Mobility

An increasing number of cities and mobility operators and providers report on annual carbon emissions to create better insight on their carbon footprint and ...

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13 abril 2021

Towards Net-Zero Emissions Policy priorities for deployment of low-carbon emitting technologies in the chemical industry

How can the chemical industry transition towards net-zero emissions?

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17 enero 2019

Cómo configurar una gobernanza climática eficaz en las juntas directivas corporativas: principios rectores y preguntas

La lniciativa de Gobernanza Climática (Climate Governance Initiative) es un proyecto desarrollado bajo la plataforma del Foro Económico Mundial, para que los...

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