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21 septiembre 2023

Towards Resilient Economies: A Business Framework for Operationalizing Equality of Opportunity

This framework gives businesses practical guidance to promote equality of opportunity in systemic ways.

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14 septiembre 2023

Chief Economists Outlook: September 2023

The September 2023 Chief Economists Outlook is published amid slowing global momentum and continuing economic uncertainty. Recession concerns appear to have ...

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26 julio 2023

Chief Risk Officers Outlook: July 2023

A survey of the World Economic Forum's community of chief risk officers highlights a range of global risks with the potential to threaten economic growth, de...

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20 junio 2023

Global Gender Gap Report 2023

The Global Gender Gap Index annually benchmarks the current state and evolution of gender parity across four key dimensions (Economic Participation and Oppor...

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1 mayo 2023

Chief Economists Outlook: May 2023

The May 2023 Chief Economists Outlook is published amid continuing uncertainty in the global economy. There are signs of nascent optimism, and the growth out...

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30 abril 2023

El Informe sobre el Futuro del Empleo 2023

El Informe sobre el Futuro del Empleo 2023 explora cómo evolucionarán los puestos de trabajo y las competencias en los próximos cinco años. Esta cuarta edici...

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16 enero 2023

Chief Economists Outlook: January 2023

The January 2023 Chief Economists Outlook is published amid continuing economic uncertainty and challenges of historic proportions. As the world puts another...

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13 enero 2023

Global Parity Alliance: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Lighthouses 2023

The Global Parity Alliance (GPA) – a cross-industry group committed to advancing DEI around the world – launched the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Li...

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12 enero 2023

Markets of Tomorrow Report 2023: Turning Technologies into New Sources of Global Growth

The advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution has led to wide-ranging opportunities from advanced technologies for business and government. In recent decade...

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11 enero 2023

El Informe de Riesgos Globales 2023

El mundo se enfrenta a una serie de riesgos que parecen a la vez totalmente nuevos e inquietantemente familiares. El Informe de Riesgos Mundiales 2023 explor...

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28 septiembre 2022

Chief Economists Outlook: September 2022

The September 2022 edition of the Chief Economists Outlook launches at a time of significant economic danger. Inflation has surged to levels not seen in a ge...

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13 julio 2022

Global Gender Gap Report 2022

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