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16 julio 2019

Building Value with Blockchain Technology: How to Evaluate Blockchain's Benefits

This practical framework helps organizations identify the value of blockchain technology and build a corresponding business case. Co-designed with Accenture,...

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3 julio 2019

Incentivizing responsible and secure innovation Principles and guidance for investors

This report proposes an innovative focus on cybersecurity incentives for the investment community. Investors in innovation and technology-driven companies ha...

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2 julio 2019

Top 10 Emerging Technologies 2019

The technologies on the list, which is curated by members of the Forum’s Expert Network, are selected against a number of criteria. In addition to promising ...

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2 julio 2019

Data Science in the New Economy: A new race for talent in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution unfolds, led by advances in technologies such as data science and artificial intelligence, the labour market is again cha...

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20 mayo 2019

Data Collaboration for the Common Good: Enabling Trust and Innovation Through Public-Private Partnerships

This report, done in collaboration with McKinsey and Company, represents a year-long effort with business, government, civil society leaders, experts and pra...

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8 mayo 2019

Health and Healthcare in the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Global Future Council on the Future of Health and Healthcare 2016-2018

Scientific and technological advances in medicine promise to transform health and healthcare to become much more connected, precise and democratized, with si...

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11 abril 2019

Two Degrees of Transformation Businesses are coming together to lead on climate change. Will you join them?

The ‘Two Degrees of Transformation’ report was developed in collaboration with the Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders – a leadership community supported by the ...

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25 marzo 2019

Fostering Effective Energy Transition 2019

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19 marzo 2019

Improving Infrastructure Financing in Brazil

Many governments are finding it difficult to finance the growing demand for essential infrastructure through public funding alone. With the significant incre...

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26 febrero 2019

Advanced Drone Operations Toolkit: Accelerating the Drone Revolution

The Advanced Drone Operations Toolkit provides a modular approach for governments to enable societally important and safe drone projects. Each recommendation...

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24 enero 2019

A New Circular Vision for Electronics, Time for a Global Reboot

Rapid innovation and lowering costs have dramatically increased access to electronic products and digital technology, with many benefits. This has led to an ...

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22 enero 2019

Innovation with a Purpose: Improving Traceability in Food Value Chains through Technology Innovations

Technology innovations, and their supporting enabling environment, have the potential to support positive food system transformation. This report, developed ...

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