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21 diciembre 2016

Renewable Infrastructure Investment Handbook: A Guide for Institutional Investors

One of the most important challenges for institutional investors in the next several years is dealing with an environment of low-yielding opportunities combi...

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20 diciembre 2016

Europe’s Hidden Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurial Employee Activity and Competitiveness in Europe

Explore the surprising connections between competitiveness and entrepreneurship, see how entrepreneurial your country is, and learn why it may be different t...

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16 diciembre 2016

Misaligned Stakeholders and Health System Underperformance

Industry Agenda Council on the Future of the Health Sector

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5 diciembre 2016

The Digital Future of Brain Health

What is the benefit of digital technology in healthcare for the brain? What is the likelihood the benefit will reach the people who need it most? In this rep...

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28 noviembre 2016

Bridging Skills and Innovation Gaps in Latin America: Country Implementation of the Competitiveness Lab

Making progress on competitiveness, the factors and institutions that determine productivity and future prosperity, requires multistakeholder engagement and ...

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14 noviembre 2016

Values and the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Connecting the Dots Between Value, Values, Profit and Purpose

An understanding and acceptance of shared human values is critical for a world facing challenges accelerated by increasing complexity and interconnectedness....

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4 noviembre 2016

Poly-Governance Models to Address Global Challenges

Members of the Global Agenda Council on Global Governance and the Future of Regional Organisations examine the rise of poly-governance models for collaborati...

21 octubre 2016

Understanding Systemic Cyber Risk

Systemic cyber risk is an emerging challenge for organizations of all size across government and industry. As organizations have transformed operations and c...

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21 septiembre 2016

The Single Family Investment Office Today: A primer on structuring an investment office to achieve family objectives and societal value

The World Economic Forum and J.P. Morgan are pleased to present The Single Family Investment Office Today: A primer on structuring an investment office to ac...

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13 septiembre 2016

Technological Innovations for Health and Wealth for an Ageing Global Population

Over the past two years, the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Ageing has examined the nexus of health and wealth among older adults. This exec...

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13 septiembre 2016

Shaping the Global Agenda on Ageing: Meeting the Needs of Cognitive Decline

The World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Ageing focused the majority of its activities on: the intersection of cognition, longevity, technology an...

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10 mayo 2016

Responsible Investment in Fragile Contexts

Based on the important work of the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Fragility, Violence & Conflict, we present here an exploration of some o...

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