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28 julio 2023

Surfacing Supply of Near-Zero Emissions Fuels and Materials in India

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050, we need to bring the right technologies to commercial scale within the next decade. This is especiall...

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25 julio 2023

Green Returns: Unleashing the Power of Finance for Sustainable Food Systems

This paper is a direct call to the finance community to reshape its strategies, incentivize across the value chain with innovative financial tools and invest...

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20 julio 2023

Target True Zero: Government Policy Toolkit to Accelerate Uptake of Electric and Hydrogen Aircraft

The aim of this toolkit is to provide governments with both the opportunity and the options to help develop approaches towards accelerating the development o...

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3 julio 2023

The Chairperson’s Guide to Climate Integrity: Earning and Enhancing Trust through the Sustainability Transition

In collaboration with Deloitte and the Climate Governance Initiative

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26 junio 2023

What Future for Climate and Trade? Scenarios and Strategies for Carbon Competitiveness

Climate policy will increasingly affect cross-border investment and the movement of goods and services. To achieve a net-zero transition, trade policy cohere...

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21 junio 2023

Sustainable Aviation Fuels: Offtake Manual

The First Movers Coalition (FMC) aviation community are taking decisive action towards combating aviation emissions by embracing emissions reduction technolo...

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3 marzo 2023

The Global Sustainable Aquaculture Roadmap: Pathways for Systemic Change

In 2022 the world's population surpassed eight billion and is set to continue growing. This growth makes it crucial to transform global food systems to meet ...

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17 enero 2023

The Voluntary Carbon Market: Climate Finance at an Inflection Point

This briefing paper by the World Economic Forum and Bain & Company provides insight into the critical challenges delaying the voluntary carbon market fro...

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16 enero 2023

Strengthening Public-Private Cooperation with Civil Society

Developing an effective response to the crises that societies face – including geopolitical fractures, climate and nature emergencies and societal divisions ...

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12 enero 2023

Accelerating Business Action on Climate Change Adaptation

The report shows how businesses can work with governments, international organizations and communities to adapt to the acute climate hazards facing the world...

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16 diciembre 2022

Preventing Global Deforestation: China's Actions and Opportunities

With more than 70% of the food industry’s emission sources come from land use, more specifically by agriculture and deforestation, among which about one-thir...

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5 diciembre 2022

The Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework and What it Means for Business

In collaboration with PwC China

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