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LinkedIn: Creating Economic Opportunity For Every Professional

How can companies contribute to a successful reskilling effort worldwide?

Allen Blue, Vice President of Product Management and Co-Founder at LinkedIn, values the diversity of leaders and perspectives encountered through his company’s collaboration with the World Economic Forum.

LinkedIn’s insights on jobs and skills have been used to address decisionmakers needs for data – whether it be to set policy or shape the future of companies. By contributing to some of the Forum’s global flagship reports, LinkedIn is ensuring that the information is in the hands of people who can use them.

An active member of the Forum’s Reskilling Revolution, LinkedIn recognizes the need to adapt to the changes happening in labour markets and for people to have the skills and training necessary to get the jobs of the future.

This content is part of our "Spotlight on Business" video series, featuring Partner insights on the impact of their collaboration with the World Economic Forum.

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