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2 diciembre 2009

Governments as shareholders: navigating the challenges of newly held interests in financial institutions

This working paper, written in collaboration with Oliver Wyman, discusses the issue of managing and resolving governments’ newly acquired equity interests in...

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1 diciembre 2009

The Global Economic Impact of Private Equity Report 2010 Globalization of Alternative Investments: Working Papers Vol. 3

This year’s effort examines two very different topics: the impact of private equity on industry performance and cyclicality, and the record of governments as...

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20 noviembre 2009

SlimCity Facilitation Guide

The SlimCity Knowledge Cards were produced by the Foresight, Incubation and Innovation Group at Arup, a global firm of consultant engineers, in collaboration...

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20 noviembre 2009

SlimCity: A Cross-Industry Public-Private Initiative on Urban Sustainability

SlimCity is a World Economic Forum Industry Partnership initiative that provides a risk-free marketplace for cities and the private sector to exchange best p...

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15 noviembre 2009

India Economic Summit 2009

India was one of the few economies to post positive GDP growth above 5% in 2009. With its vast domestic market, comparatively less export dependency and rela...

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3 octubre 2009

Taskforce on Low-Carbon Prosperity: Recommendations

The Forum engaged 80 Industry Partners in this taskforce

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15 septiembre 2009

Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2009

One year after the global financial crisis, and in the midst of the “Great Recession”, a community of over 1,000 leaders representing more than 80 countries ...

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30 junio 2009

Transforming Pensions and Healthcare in a Rapidly Ageing World: Opportunities and Collaborative Strategies

Based on the output of the Scenarios in 2030, this report highlights 11 options to better cater for the changing retirement and healthcare expectations, espe...

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20 junio 2009

World Economic Forum on East Asia 2009

Leaders from over 35 different countries examined how Asia can play its part in pulling the world out of recession and charting a course of peace and prosper...

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17 junio 2009

Driving Sustainable Consumption Consumer Engagement

This briefing document outlines the opportunities and challenges associated with encouraging consumer engagement as related to sustainability and as a key di...

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15 junio 2009

World Economic Forum on Africa 2009

The outcomes of the meeting were particularly relevant at a critical juncture when world leaders assessed the implications of the global economic crisis and ...

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10 junio 2009

The Africa Competitiveness Report 2009

African businesses can become far more competitive, but African governments and their international partners will need to improve access to finance, resist p...

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