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5 diciembre 2007

The United Arab Emirates and the World: Scenarios to 2025

Human capital, innovation and leadership are central themes in this new scenario report. The scenarios offer insights into crucial forces affecting the UAE a...

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28 noviembre 2007

The Kingdom of Bahrain and the World: Scenarios to 2025

This study develops three scenarios for the future of Bahrain. They are intended to aid both the public and private sectors in developing strategy, facilitat...

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3 noviembre 2007

Digital Ecosystem Convergence between IT, Telecoms, Media and Entertainment: Scenarios to 2015

To understand how the Digital Ecosystem could plausibly evolve in the coming 10 years, we need to look at the critical uncertainties and those factors shapin...

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19 octubre 2007

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the World: Scenarios to 2025

These three scenarios examine potential shifts across economic, environmental, social, political and technological spheres and offer challenging visions desi...

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25 junio 2007

Technology and Innovation in Financial Services: Scenarios to 2020 - Preface and Executive Summary

Three scenarios explore how innovation will transform access to, and delivery of, financial services by 2020, in a globalized world. Will innovation be incre...

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15 junio 2007

Benchmarking National Attractiveness for Private Investment in Latin American Infrastructure

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12 enero 2007

Technology Pioneers 2008 - Crowd wisdom: user-centric innovation


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