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25 abril 2023

Blockchain for Scaling Climate Action

The environment and climate sectors require digital transformation to keep up with the changing planetary ecosystem and to coordinate urgent and global actio...

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21 abril 2023

Accelerating Asia’s Advantage: A Guide to Corporate Climate Action

This paper emphasizes the unique and crucial contribution that Asia can make to climate action and calls for businesses across the region to be at the forefr...

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20 abril 2023

Target True Zero: Delivering the Infrastructure for Battery and Hydrogen-Powered Flight

Today, the aviation sector faces a significant challenge in dealing with the climate impacts of flying. But this challenge also presents an opportunity to re...

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23 marzo 2023

Road Freight Zero: Towards a Holistic Regulatory Framework for Reducing Road Freight Emissions in Europe

As a response to the European Commission's recently proposed revision of the CO2 standards for trucks, trailers and buses, this briefing paper identifies eig...

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21 marzo 2023

Scaling Low-Carbon Design and Construction with Concrete: Enabling the Path to Net-Zero for Buildings and Infrastructure

Buildings and infrastructure are responsible for approximately 40% of global carbon emissions each year, around 15 Gigatons. Unabated, this number could grow...

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9 marzo 2023

Recommendations for the Digital Voluntary and Regulated Carbon Markets

Carbon markets have come under heavy criticism for their lack of transparency, accessibility, equitability and quality. Despite broad corporate interest, the...

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3 marzo 2023

The Global Sustainable Aquaculture Roadmap: Pathways for Systemic Change

In 2022 the world's population surpassed eight billion and is set to continue growing. This growth makes it crucial to transform global food systems to meet ...

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17 enero 2023

How Stakeholder Metrics Reporting can Drive Sustainable Business: A Case for El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras

Being a sustainable business is now essential to being a successful business. Comparable sustainability information is increasingly important for stakeholder...

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17 enero 2023

Prioritizing Racial and Ethnic Equity in Business: Towards a Common Framework

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) practice and programming have been increasingly mainstreamed into the corporate space for the last 60 years. In the las...

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17 enero 2023

Innovating for the European Green Deal

Through the European Green Deal, the European Union aims to make Europe the first carbon-neutral continent by 2050. Given the latest geopolitical development...

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17 enero 2023

The Voluntary Carbon Market: Climate Finance at an Inflection Point

This briefing paper by the World Economic Forum and Bain & Company provides insight into the critical challenges delaying the voluntary carbon market fro...

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16 enero 2023

Seizing the Momentum to Build Resilience for a Future of Sustainable Inclusive Growth

To secure a sustainable, inclusive future in a world of continuous, overlapping disruptions, leaders are recognizing the critical need to invest in long-term...

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