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21 octubre 2020

Grupo de Acción Regional para América Latina Cooperación público-privada para reactivar la Economía Regional: Industrias Críticas e Inversiones Estratégicas

El Foro ha creado el Grupo de Acción Regional para América Latina, integrado por un grupo comprometido de socios de confianza, entre los que se encuentran lo...

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16 julio 2020

Building Resilience in Manufacturing and Supply Systems in the COVID-19 context and beyond: Latin America Perspectives

The COVID-19 global crisis continues to disrupt manufacturing and global supply chains with severe consequences for society, businesses, consumers, and the g...

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4 junio 2020

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Future of Advanced Manufacturing and Production: Insights from the World Economic Forum’s Global Network of Advanced Manufacturing Hubs

While powerful megatrends like global trade tensions, climate change, new technology innovations, and the current COVID-19 crisis impact all parts of the glo...

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6 mayo 2020

Winning the Race for Survival: How New Manufacturing Technologies are Driving Business-Model Innovation

Sinking, swimming or surfing: Perspectives on operating and business models

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23 enero 2020

An Open Platform for Traceability: Accelerating Transparency and Sustainability across Manufacturing Ecosystems

While the manufacturing and production sectors comprise 16% of global GDP and are key drivers for economies around the world, the complex network of supply c...

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