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29 agosto 2023

Digital Twin Cities: Key Insights and Recommendations

This report provides a guide for city leaders considering the development of digital twin cities and insights for entrepreneurs and investors looking to shap...

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19 junio 2023

Data for the City of Tomorrow: Developing the Capabilities and Capacity to Guide Better Urban Futures

This report is a comprehensive manual for municipal governments and their partners, city authorities, and advocates and agents of change. It invites them to ...

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1 septiembre 2022

Delivering Climate Resilient Cities Using a Systems Approach

This report provides cities with an actionable strategy to enable cities take a systems approach to climate resilience strategies. A systems approach leverag...

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1 septiembre 2022

Rethinking City Revenue and Finance

This report was prepared in collaboration with PwC and identifies how cities can rethink traditional revenues and financing mechanisms to enable cities to bu...

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1 septiembre 2022

Using Digital Technology for a Green and Just Recovery in Cities

This report makes a case for the need for systematic digitalization in cities, the need to pursue an outcomes-based planning, design and implementation of di...

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1 septiembre 2022

Accelerating Urban Inclusion for a Just Recovery

This report draws global attention to how the COVID-19 pandemic has worsened stark inequalities in cities around the world. This report makes the urgent case...

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21 abril 2021

A Framework for the Future of Real Estate

The World Economic Forum’s Real Estate community has developed a vision for the future of real estate. It is a future in which buildings provide comfort, are...

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11 enero 2021

Net Zero Carbon Cities: An Integrated Approach

Cities cover 3% of the earth’s land surface yet they create more than 70% of all carbon emissions. To keep global temperature increases to 1.5°C or below, ci...

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11 diciembre 2020

State of the Connected World 2020 Edition

Spurred by continued technological advancement, the world today is more connected than ever. This presents a tremendous opportunity to build a more sustainab...

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20 septiembre 2020

Six Qualities of Sustainable Infrastructure in Action

The power of infrastructure to shape economies and societies is enormous. Infrastructure underpins commercial life, provides vital social services and suppor...

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1 septiembre 2020

Feeling Safe in the Home of the Future: A product life-cycle approach to improve the trustworthiness of smart home products and services

A home is more than a building or a place of shelter. It is where we take care of the people and things that mean the most to us. Turning a physical structur...

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6 agosto 2020

The Internet of Bodies Is Here: Tackling new challenges of technology governance

Recent technological advancements have ushered in a new era of the “internet of bodies” (IoB), with an unprecedented number of connected devices and sensors ...

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