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Publicado: 12 octubre 2021

UHC 2.0: Charting a Course to Sustainable Healthcare and Finance in the Asia-Pacific

In partnership with Sanofi and KPMG

In partnership with Sanofi and KPMG

An ageing population, a rise in communicable and non-communicable diseases, and an outdated model of universal health coverage 1.0 (UHC 1.0) that is no longer fit for purpose in the region showcase the gaps in current healthcare delivery and financing models in the Asia-Pacific. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has further revealed the fragility of regional healthcare systems and the opportunity to transform them.

This report provides solutions to help establish a sustainable healthcare system design in the region and delves into three care pathways: life-course immunization, diabetes management and rare diseases. It also recommends improving health delivery by strengthening infrastructure, building capacity through upskilling and advocating for consumer behaviour change, and improving health financing using innovative principles such as capital market surpluses, consumer-level incentive frameworks and even crowdfunding.

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