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Publicado: 18 septiembre 2020

Major Green Technologies and Implementation Mechanisms in Chinese Cities

This study is prepared by the World Economic Forum to support the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development (CCICED) Special Policy Study 3.2 on Major Green Technology Innovation and Implementation Mechanisms. The study brought together a leading group of experts to select a series of technologies in the areas of energy, building, mobility, land use, food and water, which can have an impact on the greening of cities in China and throughout the world.

As this report demonstrates, this rapid pace of technological innovation and deployment can help cities in China and around the world undertake the massive transformation required to become green cities. However, it needs to be harnessed in the right way. Policy‑makers and other stakeholders need to work together to implement programmes and structures that will allow technology to serve the city for good rather than allowing urban development to be a servant of technology.

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