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Publicado: 6 abril 2021

Co-designing Digital Interventions and Technology Projects with Civil Society

Co-authored by Dr. Mark Latonero and Dr. Urvashi Aneja, this paper explores the concept of co-design in partnership with civil society, beginning with COVID-19 technology interventions. It focuses on the role played by civil society in developing such technologies in collaboration with the private and public sectors. While not a panacea, co-design is a practice that emphasizes how core values such as trust and empowerment can serve as a common language for meaningful collaboration. Co-design methods have the potential to be a first step towards building equitable relationships among civil society and the private and public sectors and can help address the power imbalances inherent in such collaborations.

For more information on the Forum's technology and social justice community, please contact David Sangokoya, Head, Civil Society and Social Justice.

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