Publicado: 29 octubre 2020

Vision Towards a Responsible Future of Consumption: Collaborative action framework for consumer industries

The global pandemic has underscored the underlying and persistent problems that predated COVID-19 and have exacerbated its effects: climate change; pollution; inequity and inequality; poor education about nutrition; lack of information and resources to enable healthier lifestyles; and eroded levels of consumer trust. As individuals the world over continue to experience the effects of COVID-19, the consumer industries face an urgent call to action. Consumer industries are uniquely positioned to have an outsized influence on how the world emerges from this crisis – these industries employ one in five workers globally and shape billions of people’s daily life experiences. In this paper, the World Economic Forum and its partners in the Consumer Industries community and the Future of Consumption Platform have come together to share their vision, mission and goals framework for collective action towards a better and more resilient future.

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