Publicado: 1 octubre 2020

Precision Medicine Readiness Principles Resource Guide: Innovation Loop

Leaders in policy, business and healthcare, while receptive to the potential of precision medicine applications, often struggle to find a consistent and standardized approach for evaluating their health system’s readiness for the practical implementation and integration of precision medicine. Stakeholders in emerging economies, in particular, have requested a guide that includes examples and access to partner communities as they think about how to strategically grow the precision medicine capabilities of their healthcare ecosystems.

Aligned with this need, the World Economic Forum Platform for Shaping the Future of Health and Healthcare launched the Precision Medicine Readiness Principles, a thought leadership project that will begin with developing a living document from which policy-makers and others looking to advance precision medicine in their countries can find benchmarks for readiness. Precision medicine offers a more personalized and targeted approach to preventing disease and screening, diagnosing, treating and curing patients by considering genetic and environmental factors as well as their lifestyles.

The Readiness Principles will be developed as a roadmap that identifies distinctive precision medicine capabilities denoting three tiers of readiness and five categories of criteria for progress. Informed by the US National Academy of Medicine’s discussion paper Realizing the Full Potential of Precision Medicine in Health and Health Care, the roadmap will provide a set of exemplary capabilities by which to evaluate a country’s health ecosystem, inform policy and investment, and guide.

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