Publicado: 29 abril 2021

Pandemic, Parcels and Public Vaccination: Envisioning the Next Normal for the Last-Mile Ecosystem

Growing demand for e-commerce delivery will result in 36% more delivery vehicles in inner cities by 2030, which without effective intervention will lead to a rise in emissions and traffic congestion. And without effective intervention, urban last-mile delivery emissions and traffic congestion are on track to increase by more than 30% in the top100 cities globally.

Given the increase in urban deliveries and rising expectations for shorter delivery times, how can cities reduce the increase in carbon emissions and commute times by 2030? This report follows an earlier publication in 2020 and aims to explore how recovering from the pandemic can be a catalyst for digitalization and decarbonization. It also envisions what the “next normal” looks like in the last-mile ecosystem.

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