Publicado: 21 septiembre 2021

Lighthouse Action on Social Justice Through Stakeholder Inclusion

In the midst of ongoing crises of inequality, climate change and the pandemic, business leaders are being called on to act and help achieve a new normal that centres social justice and equity alongside care for the planet.

This paper, Lighthouse Action on Social Justice Through Stakeholder Inclusion, is premised on the notion that strong partnerships and collaborations with communities, workers and civil society are essential for achieving outcomes that address and alleviate inequality. The paper describes three ways in which businesses are advancing social justice through stakeholder inclusion: in making new, bold investments targeting impacted communities in value chains; in influencing public policy and speaking out as corporate citizens; and in applying accountability practices and sharing power with workers and communities in their supply chains.

Providing nine “lighthouse” case examples of business and community partnerships, the paper is a starting point for further action and greater systemic change – directed at addressing demands and opportunities for business leaders to step up for social justice and equity within the communities and societies with which they engage.

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