Publicado: 20 julio 2021

Future of Reusable Consumption Models

The World Economic Forum’s Platform for Shaping the Future of Consumption aims to advance responsible models of consumption that are equitable, promote societal well-being and protect the planet. The Platform’s Consumers Beyond Disposability initiative brings together leading private- and public-sector actors committed to offering consumers sustainable and affordable alternatives to single-use products. The initiative focuses its efforts specifically on innovative reuse and durability-based solutions, and has been working to test and enhance the viability of those solutions. This Future of Reusable Consumption Models report, produced in collaboration with Kearney, is a vital deliverable of the overall initiative.

The report builds on proprietary research to create a framework for the viability of reuse systems and serve as a guide for the scaling of reuse. It discusses the three primary actors of systems change required, which will dictate the pace and trajectory of the shift towards reuse: consumers; business; the public sector. The report presents the Reuse Viability Framework, a proprietary ground-breaking tool created by the initiative, to establish the viability of reuse-centred production and consumption cycles and demonstrate the potential for superior economic, environmental and social impact relative to single-use alternatives. The report also highlights three potential scenarios for the development of a reuse economy by 2030 including one where that the equivalent of half of annual plastic ocean waste can be prevented by reusing just 10-20% of plastic packaging.

In the end, the Future of Reusable Consumption Models insight report is a statement of aspiration and hope – but one that is rooted in rigorous, market-informed methodologies. The need for a more reuse-centred economic model is urgent and grows more so with each passing year. It is up to all stakeholders – both public and private – to answer the call.

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