Publicado: 31 marzo 2022

Chatbots RESET Framework: Rwanda Artificial Intelligence (AI) Triage Pilot

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to increase access to healthcare is an attractive approach for developing nations with limited healthcare resources. However with lagging regulations on the use of AI in healthcare, “soft governance” mechanisms such as the Chatbots RESET framework from the World Economic Forum offer on-ramps for rapid adoption while enabling responsible use of the technology.

In this insight report, the World Economic Forum’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning platform, in close collaboration with the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Rwanda, shares the experience in piloting the Chatbots RESET framework in AI triage application in Rwanda.

Implementation of the framework’s principles and actions in the pilot are shared in the form of a series of questions and answers with the service provider. This report on a public health scenario complements a previous insight report published in November 2021 detailing four pilots in private sector healthcare applications.

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