Publicado: 10 noviembre 2020

Autonomous Vehicle Policy Framework: Selected National and Jurisdictional Policy Efforts to Guide Safe AV Development

This report provides decision-makers with a detailed guide for developing a regulatory framework to govern the testing and commercial operation of autonomous vehicles (AVs). Written in collaboration with the C4IR Affiliate Centre in Israel and the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety (MOT) of Israel to support MOT efforts in achieving a safe and sustainable AV policy, the report offers a comparative review of AV policy approaches in selected nations -- Israel, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Australia -- and subnational jurisdictions California and Arizona USA, with significant contributions from local regulators. While each jurisdiction adopts approaches tailored to its specific context, many commonalities were catalogued and synthesized by the authors of the report into overall best practices.

The report defines and lays the foundation for creating an optimal AV regulatory environment: One that successfully advances technological enhancement and market readiness while ensuring that AVs contribute to reaching national and local mobility goals such as safety, decongestion, equity in mobility, employment generation, economic growth and sustainable mobility development.”

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