Publicado: 1 julio 2020

10 Principles of Mobility Data Operationalization

Mobility Data Operationalization Principles

Mobility Data Operationalization Principles

The Mobility Data Operationalization Principles delineates key principles that all analysts, manager and teams should consider when planning projects that include working with mobility data. If mobility agencies, public or private, have any gap of knowledge in their mobility data those gaps will transfer over to the transportation service they provide, creating mobility deserts, inaccessible service or unsafe service. To avoid such oversights, we recommend all mobility data leaders to read this document.

Central to the Principles is the idea of having a diverse and inclusive perspective when looking to data for mobility solutions. More than ever our present world needs to ensure that mobility solutions work for everyone. The COVID pandemic has highlighted the cracks in many of our institutions including our transportation system. Moving forward, we must not follow the same mistakes of our past, instead we should rewrite our mobility approach started by included those that have been historically underrepresented, giving clear emphasis to racial and gender representation.

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