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Publicado: 4 diciembre 2023

Better Community Engagement for a Just Energy Transition: A C-Suite Guide

This C-suite guide introduces a “people-positive” approach to clean power development and brings the conversation on community engagement closer to key decision-makers.

It is an outcome of the World Economic Forum’s Clean Power, Grids and Electrification program that focuses on rapid and responsible deployment of clean power and grids by embedding the principles of people-and nature-positivity.

Businesses have a key role in delivering on global climate targets, while ensuring a secure, just and equitable energy transition. This requires a massive buildout of clean power infrastructure, with total investment projected to reach $4.5 trillion annually by 2030. Bringing people along on this journey will be critical not only to achieve an accelerated transition, but also to ensure these investments deliver broader social, economic and environmental value.

Produced in collaboration with Accenture.

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