Precision Consumer 2030

Precision consumption is inherently personal and preventive. Advancements in technology can now tailor products and services to consumer’s unique biological profile. However, new frameworks are required to navigate challenges related to personal information, equity, and data sharing. This initiative is exploring the emerging landscape of precision consumption and how digital biology can be the game-changer needed to improve people’s quality of life and overall well-being.  


Provide individuals with personalized and trusted insights to improve wellbeing and sustain healthier lives.


By 2030, consumption is hyper-personalized and empowers people to live the heathiest lives possible through responsible, science-backed lifestyle recommendations that are tailored to their unique mental and physical wellbeing needs.


• Establish a trusted, transparent system for using personal wellness bio-data for the common good

• Empower preventative and sustainable healthy behaviors at the individual level

• Enable resilient and equitable societies through data-driven research at the community level

To learn more, please contact Andrew Moose - Head of Retail, Consumer, and Lifestyle Industries (

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