Platform for Purpose

Media has the power to drive large-scale social change. From the power of messaging, the design of technology, the use of data, and the rapidly evolving way digital media is consumed, and the way data powers this all, there is a significant opportunity to positively impact individuals and society.

By looking at ways to strengthen communities and address social challenges in areas of health, digital inclusivity, literacy, education, and response to crises and emergencies, platforms can be more purposeful in proliferating their product for good use.


  • Influence a more constructive, informed and inclusive outlook on how media can be used for social good

  • Advance public-private cooperation and bridge industry gaps between media, consumer, tech, and digital communications industries to drive new societal solutions that leverage the power of media and platforms

  • Achieve tangible results in improving health, well-being, education, economic inclusion, and cohesion in society

Overall, this project looks at the way that technology and data can be used to solve societal challenges, including ways to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

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