Participatory Design

Collaboration is essential for a city's sustainable, equitable and inclusive development. Good collaboration requires trust, mutual understanding and a shared vision. The Fourth Industrial Revolution brings a lot of changes, opportunities and challenges that impact a vision of the cities and societies of the future. So what does it take to build a city of the future with the shared vision and inclusion in mind?Shapers in Lviv are researching the readiness of the city of Lviv and its residents to the emerging technologies, that will shape the cities and societies of the future. To do so the Lviv Hub launched a survey that aims to find out people’s awareness about the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution; usage of such emerging technologies and readiness to use them more or less in the future; as well as the availability of skills to use them in their work.With the results of the survey shapers in the Lviv Hub will launch a participatory process to develop a shared vision for city development, created and owned by citizens for citizens.

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