Global Investment Policy

Private sector-led international investment is crucial to realizing both global development goals and corporate growth. However, societal unease with international investment is growing and cross-border investment flows have fallen. Yet many countries are hungry to attract and retain investment to support development – especially innovation and employment – and empirical evidence shows that cross-border investment can help.

Through this initiative, the business community comes together with government to design and advance forward-looking investment reforms. Efforts are aimed at maximizing the positive effects of foreign direct investment on the economy, society and the environment. This is achieved by reforming existing international investment rules, creating new international frameworks and identifying supportive national policies and measures. 

The project currently focuses on investment facilitation. In-country analysis on specific measures is ongoing in Cambodia and Ghana focused on the agri-food industry. Activities include interviews with investment promotion agencies (IPAs), other government officials, local and international business, civil society organizations and others to better understand challenges to sustainable investment and possible investment facilitation solutions.

The information collected will generate recommendations for developing country governments on sustainable investment facilitation, as well as inform discussions at the World Trade Organization (WTO) on important provisions to consider in an international facilitation framework.

Regional workshops are also held in collaboration with other organizations. These share learnings among developing country IPAs and other government officials. Sessions at high-level events raise the profile of new insights and help drive international cooperation.

The project receives financial support from business and the Governments of Denmark and the Netherlands.