Global Network of Advanced Manufacturing Hubs

While global mega-trends – including shifting geopolitical and trade alignments, climate change and the emergence of disruptive technologies – affect every corner of the planet, the impacts of these trends are regionally unique, and as such, the responses to these trends must be equally regionally distinctive.

This presents an enormous opportunity for regions to learn from one another if they can be more concretely connected.

The Global Network of Advanced Manufacturing Hubs (AMHUBs) engages regional production ecosystems – including stakeholders from public and private sectors, academia and civil society – at either the local, state(s)/province(s), or national level to:

  • Support the development and/or scaling of local efforts aimed at preparing industry for the future of manufacturing and production

  • Highlight and amplify regional success stories at the global level through the World Economic Forum’s Platform for Shaping the Future of Advanced Manufacturing and Value Chains

  • Disseminate and distil global learnings from the World Economic Forum’s efforts –including other AMHUBs –to regional hubs so they can learn from a global pool of experiences and identify tangible action areas

  • Connect AMHUBs directly with one another to incubate new cross-AMHUB partnerships and engagement opportunities

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