Global Network of Advanced Manufacturing Hubs

Geopolitical tensions, climate change and industry transformations triggered by the Fourth Industrial Revolution are trends impacting manufacturers in every corner of the globe. However, while these trends may be common, the impacts of them - and the solutions needed to address those impacts - are inherently local.​ Regional complexities around workforce skills, government policies, infrastructure and environmental concerns, coupled with growing momentum behind the stakeholder capitalism model, require a new mechanism to engage not only the largest global industry players, but also small and medium-sized businesses, regional governments and local academic institutions.​

​The Global Network of Advanced Manufacturing Hubs (AMHUBs) aims to become that mechanism. The Global Network of AMHUBs uses the Forum's platform to aggregate and accelerate regional efforts to adapt to the future of advanced manufacturing and production and highlight key regional case examples on the global stage, while creating a feedback loop wherein best practices from around the world are conveyed to the regional level to further amplify the impact potential of this network.

By working together, new and existing players can enable their regional ecosystems to innovate to remain competitive – something no company, organization or entity can do alone.​

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