"Brain Drain" Internships for students

During spring 2020 Kyiv hub did pilot collaboration project with NGO UGS (Ukraine Global Scholars) in order to help young people find internship opportunities in Ukraine.

Smart, ambitious, energetic, well-educated people were not able to land internships in Ukraine because of small to no work experience. Another critical issue was the fact, that they were coming back from studies on May 2020, in a midst of COVID outbreak.

Using networks of hub members the Hub has conducted about 50 calls, made 30 offering and was able to land 3 internships, which represented 10% of total demand. This pilot project revealed lack of internship culture in Ukraine and created a room for bigger project on this matter.

Recipient organizations were happy with interns, thus in the long-term organizations will be more open to host western-educated Ukrainian youth and will benefit from their open and action-oriented growth mindset.

Impact of the project:

 - internships provided to 3 students

 - 3 organizations served

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