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Exclusivo: Como a inteligência artificial nos ajudará contra a crise climática, na visão de Klaus Schwab
Universal energy access and biodiversity key part of global power transition: WEF official
Klaus Schwab: futuro do Brasil depende de industrialização, meio ambiente e inteligência artificial
PM launches Malaysia's Centre for Fourth Industrial Revolution
القطاع الخاص والعام.. معاً نحو الاستدامة
World making progress on energy transition but speed not there yet, says WEF executive
The future of jobs in the age of AI, sustainability and deglobalization
How dollar-backed financing limits Nigeria's clean energy transition
Why the manufacturing sector needs stronger cyber defenses
Explained: How faster tech, green energy adoption is reshaping global jobs landscape
A.I. will cause ‘significant labor-market disruption’ over next 5 years, says World Economic Forum
14 million jobs worldwide will vanish in the next 5 years, new economic report finds
A.I. might not replace you, but a person who uses A.I. could
Advancing economic empowerment for African women
World Health Day: Here’s how AI and digital health are shaping the future of healthcare

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