Sheikh Hasina

Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Prime Minister's Office of Bangladesh

Prime Minister of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, assumed office on 7 January 2019 for the fourth time after the Awami League-led grand alliance won the 30 December 2018 11th Parliamentary elections. Became prime minister for the first time on 23 June 1996 when Bangladesh Awami League acquired majority in the general election held on 12 June. Earlier, played a crucial role in establishing democracy in the country when she won from three constituencies in the parliamentary election in 1986 and was elected leader of the opposition. Following the election of 1986, a constitutional process began in the country ending the martial law. Staunch crusader against fundamentalism, militancy and terrorism. Graduate, University of Dhaka, in 1973. Elected Vice-President of the Students Union of the Government Intermediate Girl's College as a candidate from the Students League. Later, served as Secretary and then President of college unit of Student League. Was also a member of Students League in Dhaka University and Secretary of Rokeya Hall unit. 1981, elected as president of Bangladesh Awami League in her absence while she was in forced exile. Finally returned home on 17 May 1981 ending six years in exile.