Pearly Chen

Vice-President, Business Development; Chief of Staff to the Chief Executive Officer, HTC

Pearly Chen is Chief of Staff to Cher Wang, CEO and Chairwoman of HTC, a smartphone innovator and virtual reality industry leader. An advocate for the vision of converging humanity and technology to unleash human imagination, passion and love, Pearly works closely with Wang and her executive team as a cross-functional executive and thought partner on strategic business planning, high-priority initiatives, global engagement and board affairs since 2013. Managing HTC's $100 million global accelerator fund Vive X since its inception in 2016, she has led investments in a growing global portfolio of innovative startups in virtual and augmented reality space, actively working with them to accelerate growth. She also represented Wang during her tenure at APEC Business Advisory Council between 2009-2015, chairing its Finance and Economic Working Group, SME & Entrepreneurship Working Group, and ABAC Women's Forum, often speaking at high-profile international forums on the topics of innovation and leadership. Prior to HTC, Pearly was an investment professional at Goldman Sachs, providing investment advisory service to its Asia Pacific clients. A dynamic, high energy global citizen, multi-linguist, voracious reader, avid traveler, competitive triathlete and mother of two, she believes that everyone has the capacity to create a legacy that impacts lives of many others. Putting to good use of her infectious energy and unique perspectives, she makes it her life's goal to inspire and help others thrive.