Magdalena Skipper

Editor-in-Chief, Nature

Editor-in-Chief of Nature and Chief Editorial Adviser for Nature Research journals. Geneticist by training. Studied sex determination at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK, and notch signalling in the vertebrate gut epithelium at the ICRF Laboratories (CRUK today), London. Has considerable editorial and publishing experience: since 2001, has held the role of Chief Editor of Nature Reviews Genetics, Senior Editor for genetics and genomics at Nature, and more recently Executive Editor for the Nature Partner Journals and Editor-in-Chief of Nature Communications. Passionate about mentorship, transparent science and clarity in science communication. As part of her efforts to make research more diverse, she launched Nature Research Awards for Inspiring and Innovating Science which recognise outstanding women early career researchers and organisations who foster STEM education among girls and women. She has a keen interest in innovation in science publishing; enjoys educating herself about social anthropology and in her spare time making ceramics.

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