Long Guilu

Professor, Vice-President, Beijing Academy of Quantum Information Sciences (BAQIS)

Gui-Lu Long is a professor in Tsinghua University & Vice-President of Beijing Academy of Quantum Information Sciences. Notably among his contributions, he proposed the quantum secure direct communication that transmits information directly; constructed the Grover-Long algorithm for exact search and the full quantum eigensolver; and established the widely used linear combination unitaries method for quantum algorithm designs. He proposed the WISE (Wavefunction Is System Entity) interpretation of quantum mechanics. He published 300+ papers with 20000+ citations. He is fellow of IoP and APS. He was President of AAPPS and Vice-chair of C13 of IUPAP.
Education: 1982-1987, Tsinghua University, Ph. D. & MSc. Physics. 1978-1982, Shandong University, BSc. Physics
Work Experience:
1987-Now, Lecturer, Associate Professor, Professor, Tsinghua University;
2014-2020, Deputy-dean, Department of Physics, Tsinghua University;
2021-now, Vice-President, Beijing Academy of Quantum Information Sciences;
1989.3-1993.3, Research Fellow, University of Sussex
2002.6-2002.8, Visiting Professor, Vianna University
2010-2017, member, Vice-Chair, Commision for Physics and Development, IUPAP
2017-2019, President, Association of Asia Pacific Physics Societies

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