Diana Paredes

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Suade

A global leader in the space of "RegTech" for financial services as an early advocate of the need for open source data standards and machine readable regulation. Spurred the RegTech industry in 2014 with the work of Suade anticipating the opportunity to use modern technology to revolutionise the way finance absorbed regulation. She is part of several boards and works with regulators around the world to promote technological standards, workforce diversity and Agile Governance (WEF council). She is passionate and participates in many debates (including at government level for the UK and EU) to support gender equality as well as more broadly a diverse workplace. She has won multiple awards and recognitions for this work. Her own journey as a successful female entrepreneur is an example that represents how leveraging technology can create strong efficiencies to alleviate the workforce and a create a more sustainable economy.

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