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The Forum of Young Global Leaders

The Forum of Young Global Leaders

A five year journey

Our goal is to create experiences for next-generation leaders that enhance their skills, broaden their world view and lead to innovative solutions. Our world-class programme offers executive education courses at leading universities, summits around the world, group expeditions to experience major global issues, and opportunities to collaborate and test ideas with a network of peers.

“When the World Economic Forum selected me to join its YGL community, I didn’t realize at the time the impact it was going to have on my life. Becoming a YGL wasn’t an award for past accomplishments but an invitation to start a new journey committed to helping make the world a better place.”

— Rajiv Pant

A spirit of generosity

Every YGL has a story about helping another member in ways large and small. For over a decade, our foundation of trust and ethos of a “community of givers, not takers” have been passed down. YGLs help each other become higher-performing leaders by sharing personal advice and professional mentoring. They volunteer their time and expertise to each other as board members and advisers and facilitate high-value connections and introductions. Although splashy headlines tend to favour big announcements and partnerships, impact on the individual level is our greatest accomplishment.

The YGL Harvard experience was a true learning journey in every sense of the word. What made the experience particularly unique was spending almost two weeks with some of the most brilliant people I have ever met and making new friends for life.

— Nina Jensen

A will to collaborate

When YGLs Lisa Witter and Robyn Scott met at the 2013 Annual Summit in Myanmar, it sparked a discussion on the need to attract dedicated and credible people to public service. Two years later, Apolitical was born – a platform to help public servants innovate and lead by connecting them to smart policies and the people behind them.

Lisa and Robyn’s experience is not rare. The YGL leadership journey has led to new organizations and initiatives, business partnerships and seed funding for innovative ideas. Our common denominator is a desire to act and meaningfully contribute to the public good.

A year in review

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