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Partnering Against Corruption Initiative

Partnering Against Corruption Initiative

Driven by identified needs and interests of its member companies, PACI undertakes initiatives to address industry, regional, country or global issues tied to anti-corruption and compliance.

Launched in 2004, PACI serves as the principal CEO-led platform in the global anti-corruption arena, building on the pillars of public-private cooperation, responsible leadership and technological advances. With approximately 90 signatories from different sectors across the globe, PACI serves as the leading business voice on anti-corruption and transparency.

The PACI Vanguard

Chief executives who want to fully commit to a higher level of leadership in anti-corruption through building trust and integrity are invited to join the PACI Vanguard. The purpose of the Vanguard is to identify innovative approaches to anti-corruption and set global, regional and industry agendas together with leaders from civil society, academia and government by meeting each January at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos-Klosters.

The Vanguard leads the broader PACI strategy to achieve more meaningful dialogue and impact. A critical component is sustained, high-level joint business and government engagement with a focus on collective action. The Vanguard plays a key role in shaping and collaborating with global agenda efforts, in particular the B20 and national processes to create transparent practices that improve the ease of doing business.

Driving impact: The Future of Trust and Integrity

The Future of Trust and Integrity project identifies and designs practical solutions that transform intent into impact by leveraging behavioural, institutional and technological dimensions of trust and integrity in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Identifying such solutions will enable the development of a roadmap on trust-building and recovery, with the project contributing to:

- Improved legislation and policies

- Innovative technology-based solutions

- Practical models for trust-building in a business-to-business and business-to-government context

- Formation of informal regional anti-corruption action networks

The first phase of the project focuses on Latin America and Africa, specifically on Mexico, Argentina and South Africa.

Technology for Integrity (T4I)

Technology is recognized as the biggest game-changer for addressing corruption. Big data analytics, blockchain, mobile applications and e-governance systems are valuable tools in the prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution of corruption, although they also have inherent risks.

In 2017, World Economic Forum Strategic Partners – led by Citi and supported by Clifford Chance, Facebook, IBM, MasterCard, Microsoft, Let’s Talk Payments, PwC as well as 80+ allies and contributors – governments, regulators, Fortune 500 tech companies and international NGOs – challenged innovators around the world to identify technology solutions to address seven common system vulnerability points.

The PACI Tech for Integrity platform will leverage this global network of innovators to drive the T4I Knowledge Hub, Synergy Lab and Impact Initiatives.

Shaping the global anti-corruption agenda

PACI plays a key role in shaping and collaborating with global efforts, in particular the B20 and national processes to create transparent practices that improve the ease of doing business.

PACI is developing its network to support the B20 process to strengthen relationships and drive impact and policy reform through public-private cooperation.

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