Pavitra Raja

Programme and Engagement Lead, Europe and Americas - Schwab Foundation, World Economic Forum

Pavitra Raja is the Community Manager for social entrepreneurs in Europe, North America, and Latin America regions. Pavitra has also consulted with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe on international public policy advocacy and communications. She also has experience working in private and public sectors in legal affairs, policy, and marketing/communications. Pavitra holds a Juris Doctor (specialising in Intellectual Property Law and International Law) along with a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, Political Sciences, and Marketing & Communications from the University of Melbourne. Pavitra also speaks six languages.

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Agenda in Focus: Social Entrepreneurs


社会起業家は、特に従来の市場や関係機関がうまく機能していない分野において、既存のサービスの創造的破壊者ともいえる存在です。シュワブ財団のコミュニティの社会起業家だけでも、190以上の国々で6億2,200万人の生活にインパクトを与えてきた様子が、 シュワブ財団インパクト・レポートに記載されています。

14 jul 2020

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