Meng Ke

Associate Professor, Tsinghua University

My research focuses on the socio-economic causes of population aging and below-replacement fertility and what public policy measures and technological innovations can be used to tackle the challenges posed by the two trends.

My research matters for three reasons. First, population aging, which are closely associated with below-replacement fertility, will greatly affect macroeconomic conditions such as the structure of consumption and labor supply, so policymakers and community leaders should be prepared to deal with the structural changes brought about by population aging. Secondly, the extent of population aging is uneven among nations. If the size of population and the quality of labor force is of strategical importance in geopolitical competition, then the uneven trends of population aging will reshape the power distribution among nations and have great implications for the future of global governance. Finally, dealing with the challenge of below-replacement fertility will eventually require the improvement of the treatment of women, which will contribute to gender equality in general.

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