Erik Brynjolfsson

Schussel Family Professor; Director, MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy, MIT - Sloan School of Management

AB and SM, Harvard; PhD, MIT. Director, MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy. Schussel Family Professor, MIT Sloan School. Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research. Research examines the effects of information technologies on business strategy, productivity and employment. Recent work studies artificial intelligence (AI), data-driven decision-making, the pricing implications of Internet commerce and the role of intangible assets. Lectures worldwide on technology and strategy. Director or adviser for several technology-intensive firms. Recent books include: "Machine | Platform | Crowd" (Co-Author); "The Second Machine Age" (Co-Author); "Wired for Innovation: How IT is Reshaping the Economy" (Co-Author); "Race Against the Machine" (Co-Author). Recipient of numerous awards for research.