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This cancer patient alleviates $65 million in medical debts

This video is part of: Centre for Health and Healthcare

Casey McIntyre, a vibrant and compassionate publisher from New York, was tragically taken from the world at the age of 38 by ovarian cancer. Despite facing her own battle with illness, Casey's spirit remained unbroken, and she sought to leave a lasting impact on the lives of others.

In a remarkable act of generosity, Casey established a 'debt jubilee' to alleviate the financial burdens of medical debt for those in need.

A collective effort to combat medical debt

Casey's unwavering belief in the power of collective action inspired her to partner with the non-profit organization RIP Medical Debt. This organization strategically purchases medical debt at a fraction of its original value, enabling every dollar donated to eliminate $1 of debt.

Casey's initiative quickly gained momentum, attracting over $670,000 in donations to date. This remarkable sum will eradicate over $65 million in medical debt across the United States.

Innovative healthcare models

To address the pressing issue of medical debt, innovative healthcare models such as 'value-based healthcare' (VBHC) are gaining traction. VBHC prioritizes improved patient outcomes and overall healthcare value, maximizing the effectiveness of treatments while minimizing unnecessary costs.

Additionally, the World Economic Forum's global healthcare systems transformation framework fosters collaboration between private and public sectors to enhance patient outcomes through the Global Coalition for Value in Healthcare.

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