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Meet the Leader

Rally others to your cause: former trial lawyer, Baptist minister (and United Way CEO) explains how

Angela Williams, the first black female CEO of one of the largest privately-funded global non-profits, discusses the experiences that helped her learn how to be a better advocate for others. These experiences range from a father who served in the NAACP tackling civil rights in 1960s South Carolina, to her own life journey serving as a trial lawyer, a Baptist minister and in the military during Operation Desert Storm. She’ll explain what she’s learned about partnering and rallying others for a cause - and what every leader must know about engaging others and getting your point across. Scroll for transcript.

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Linda Lacina

Digital Editor, World Economic Forum



Many aspects of the ways that governments and businesses operate are in flux, due in large part to the sweeping technology changes propelling the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Leadership is no exception. As a new generation of leaders take on challenges such as striking a healthy balance of views expressed on their social media platforms, developing private efforts to fill gaps in public social protections, and crafting public policies that govern technology access, an ability to apply responsibility and purpose will be key. 

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