Alessia Melegaro

Associate Professor, Bocconi University

I am currently an Associate Professor of Demography at the Department of Social and Political Science at Bocconi University. My research interests cover emerging and innovative topics at the intersection of epidemiology, demography and public health. During my research career I have always been passionate about using modelling and statistical techniques to study population dynamics processes. In particular, my focus of research has been infectious diseases spread and economic evaluation of intervention strategies.

I have made innovate contribution in this field, bringing time-varying demographic and social processes into the dynamics of infections. This has been recognised as an important contribution in the field, especially in low- and middle-income countries, where I also engage in field studies to collect novel social network data through paper diaries and Radio Frequency Identification Devices.

More recently I am focusing on the determinants of vaccines demand, through the analysis of social media and survey data and running laboratory experiments to explore the role played by altruistic behaviours.

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