Alejandro P. Bulgheroni

Chairman, Pan American Energy

Studies at University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Industrial Engineer.
Professional career
Oil and Gas activity:
Between 1965 and 1974, he took different positions in the area of engineering, drilling, exploration, and production of oil and gas working for Bridas Perforaciones S.A. and Bridas SAPIC.
From 1974 to 1988, he was Vice Chairman and COO of Bridas U.C.
During 1986-1988, he was Chairman and CEO of Bridas SA.
From 1988 to 1997, he was Chairman of Bridas SAPIC.
From 1993 to June 2010, he was Vice Chairman of Bridas Corporation.
From 1997 to April 2012, he was Chairman of Pan American Energy LLC.

He is Honorary Chairman of Pan American Energy LLC.
Chairman and President of Bridas Corporation.
Chairman and President of Bridas Energy Holdings Ltd.
Chairman, President and CEO of Associated Petroleum Investors Ltd.
Director of Beusa Holdings Inc.
Director, Vice Chairman and Vicepresident of Bridas Investments LTD.
Director, Vice Chairman and Vicepresident of Bridas International S.A.
and Director, Chairman and President of Global Oilfield Holdings LTD

Wine & Agribusiness activity:
Active in the wine, agriculture, livestock and forestry business since 1965.
He is President and CEO of Agroland S.A. and Nuevo Manantial S.A., Vice President of Samconsult S.A., Vice President of Bodega Vistalba S.A., President of Inversora Agroindustrial Global S.L., Honorary President of Bodega Argento S.A., President of Bacchus Investments S.L., Chairman of Wineries Real Estate Holdings Inc., Chairman & President of World Wine Investors UK Limited, Chairman of Alejandro Bulgheroni Estate LLC and Chairman of Vineyards of the World S.A.
Holds the following positions:
Vice Chairman of “Educando Foundation”.
Vice President, Buenos Aires Petroleum Club
Counselor of the Argentine Business Council for Sustainable Development (CEADS)
President at the Tajamares Golf Club, Uruguay

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