AI Procurement Guidelines

The principle-based guidelines for AI procurement presenting the general considerations to be taken when procuring AI-powered solutions.

By leveraging the role of governments as market actors, the AI guidelines for procurement could have a significant impact on the shaping of norms throughout the industry of AI solutions providers.

The standardization of ethics and risk management expectations will likely extend throughout other sectors in the market.

In the context of all AI use cases, governments must increase the public's trust through transparency and fairness. The AI Procurement Guidelines strike the right balance by establishing protocols for each stage of the procurement process that appropriately guide and instruct those charged with acquiring AI capability to be used in the public sector.

—Bradford Newman, Partner, Chair of North America Trade Secrets Practice, BakerMcKenzie

The guidelines apply once it has been determined that the solution needed for a problem could be AI-driven. The guidelines are not intended as a silver bullet for solving all public sector AI-adoption challenges, but by influencing how new AI solutions are procured, they can set government use and adoption of AI on a better path.

Find out more about the 10 AI Procurement Guidelines.

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