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Publicado: 8 junio 2022

SGD14 Financing Landscape Scan: Tracking Funds to Realize Sustainable Outcomes for the Ocean

The ocean is fundamental for supporting all life on Earth and requires urgent investment to curb rising threats such as the climate crisis, pollution and unsustainable fishing. $175 billion per year is needed to achieve SDG14 by 2030, and yet, between 2015 and 2019, just below $10 billion in total was invested. Of the 17 SDGs outlined by the United Nations 2030 Agenda in 2015, the ocean goal is the least funded.

This white paper, commissioned by the World Economic Forum's Friends of Ocean Action, provides a framework for tracking and monitoring investments in and progress towards SDG14. Status-quo regimes are no longer viable; investment in ocean health must be redirected towards sustainable financing opportunities if SDG14 is to be fully realized by 2030.

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