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Finnish city, Lahti, will soon be carbon-neutral

In 2019, Lahti made a bold pledge to become carbon neutral, a goal it is on track to achieve in the next few years. This ambitious target is decades ahead of most other world cities, and Lahti's success is a testament to its commitment to sustainability.

Lahti's carbon neutral journey

Several factors have contributed to Lahti's success in reducing its carbon footprint. One key factor was the city's decision to stop using coal in its main power plant. Instead, the plant now burns forest residue and waste timber, which are more sustainable alternatives. Additionally, another plant in Lahti turns unrecyclable trash into energy, further reducing the city's reliance on fossil fuels.

Lahti has implemented a number of other sustainability initiatives in addition to those mentioned above. For example, the city has built bike lanes, repair stations, and e-bike stands to encourage cycling. It has also overhauled its bus fleet with dual-fuel or electric buses, and even trialled a ski-share platform for the winter months.

Pioneering the change

Through these various measures, Lahti has cut its emissions by 64% compared to 1990 levels. To reach carbon neutrality, the city is aiming for an 80% reduction, with reforestation offsetting the remaining emissions.

A model for other cities

Lahti's commitment to sustainability is an inspiration to other cities around the world. The city's success shows that it is possible to make a significant difference in the fight against climate change, even in a short period of time.

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