Wei Wenfeng

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, DADDYLAB

I am a Hangzhou native and graduate of physics from the prestigious Zhejiang University. After graduation, I began work as a government official spending over ten years in government-owned laboratories inspecting the safety and compliance of products circulating in China’s supply chains. I then decided to go out on my own and founded the company REACH24H in 2007, a regulatory affairs consultancy and technical services provider specializing in regulatory compliance for enterprises operating in the chemical, food, cosmetic and agrochemical sectors. In 2015 I stepped down from my position as founder and CEO of REAC24H and started DADDYLAB.

I first began investigations into the safety of products used by my daughter and discovered that the covers of her school books contained teratogens and carcinogens. I published the results of these experiments online. The findings garnered massive attention amongst Chinese netizens, who demanded access to information on their own children’s products and ever since I have been pursuing DADDYLAB’s mission to remove toxic chemicals from our consumer products, shape consumer purchasing preferences towards safer options, prompt government change and leverage market forces to prompt industry to phase out the use of toxic chemicals during the manufacture of consumer products.

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